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About Us

We are Mythical Games, a next-generation game technology studio. We believe that true ownership of digital assets, verifiable scarcity, and integrated secondary markets will spawn a new generation of games. These new economies, based on digital ownership, will bring players, developers, and content creators closer to the games they love.

We are a team of veteran game and platform developers with a passion for bringing big innovative concepts to market. Our goal is to create world-class products that drive consumer adoption of distributed ledger technology through games.

Our Team

John Linden
Jamie Jackson
Rudy Koch
Head of Blockchain
Stephan Cunningham
Kurt Messersmith
VP, Partner Ecosystems
Chris Downs
Lead Platform Engineer
Cameron Thacker
Lead Research Scientist

Our Advisors

Adam Bain
Former President / COO, Twitter
Adam Struck
Managing General Partner of DDC Fund and Struck Capital
Kent Wakeford
Former COO of Kabam, COO of Gen.G eSports
Michael Cudlitz
Actor, The Walking Dead, The Kids are Alright
Ben Esplin
Patent & IP Attorney at Sheppard Mullin
Nigal Daly, OBE
Former Chairman of BAFTA

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